Dual Battery Set Ups

Dual Battery Set Ups






Why do I need an Auxiliary Battery to begin with?

The typical 4WD traveler has a fridge in the back, filled with food and beer. Failure to keep beer at the right temperature is disappointing, but failure to keep food at the right temperature can be health-threatening. It is also an essential requirement for work: it powers equipment such as safety lights and radios when a vehicle is stationary and still allows you to be able to start the vehicle the next day.

The best way to ensure your fridge/essential electrical equipment will run overnight - when the engine switched off, is with an Auxiliary battery.

Dual battery systems are designed to ensure the Auxiliary battery is charged, without the chance of the vehicle’s starting battery being discharged.

The function of an isolator is to disconnect the deep-cycle battery from the vehicle’s starting battery when the deep-cycle battery is operating the fridge. It also must maintain that disconnection when the engine starts, until the starting battery is fully charged, after which it allows charging current to flow to the deep-cycle battery until it’s charged.


Will this system prevent my main battery from running flat?

Yes. We consider the DBE140s to be the best value for money management system on the market today. Fully Micro-Processor controlled to ensure your starting battery stays protected from your auxiliary battery and your fridge, camping lights and all the other non-critical accessories you need around the camp site.

To keep your vehicle protected, the DBE140s has electronic current limiting built in, it is lightning quick and spot on accurate. 

Includes 100amp Midi Fuse and Holder

The DBE140S is fully sealed from water, dust, and mud allowing the unit to be mounted in any orientation that suits your purpose. Using the nickel plated brass nut and bolt connections for battery cables making the unit simple to install. The flexibility of the unit allows you to easily upgrade an old or inferior isolator while using existing wiring.

The DBE140S has a 2 year warranty. 5 years if fitted by authorised Piranha agent.


Will this be suitable to run Solar panels?

The Piranha DBE140sf will not be suitable to run with Solar Panels. If your running solar look at the Piranha DBE180-SX 


Do I need a DC/DC charger?

No. The Piranha AOC makes using a DC/DC isolator for dual battery management a thing of the past, for many vehicles. Using the Piranha AOC in conjunction with a Piranha Dual Battery manager, DBE140S or DBE180-SX, allows you to use the full available output of the alternator to recharge your auxiliary battery/batteries while the vehicle is in use. It will also charge your main battery if you have changed to a high technology AGM style battery.


What is an AOC and what does it do?

The AOC is designed for use with many of today’s current 4x4 vehicles with VARIABLE RATE ALTERNATORS  which up to now used a DC/DC style isolator,  which is a high-cost solution and limited to the output of the DC/DC. Most times slowing down the recharge time.

For such a small device it packs a very capable electronics package to provide a very useful .4Volt -.5Volt increase in your charge rate while still affording all the protection of a fused circuit as required by the manufacturer. 



 There are similar looking devices available that do not offer the fused protection of the Piranha AOC and are only one way. Research and engineering have combined to provide this low cost, high technology solution, suitable for today’s vehicles


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