Hilux - 08/97 to 08/04

Hilux - 08/97 to 08/04

Hilux - 08/97 to 08/04

LN167 3.0 non-turbo Diesel with 5L Engine to 07/2000

LN167 3.0 non-turbo Diesel with 5LE Engine 07/2000 to 08/2004

KZN165 3.0 Turbo with 1KZTE Engine

RZN165 2.7 Petrol 4cyl

VZN165 4.0 Petrol V6



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Product no.: 11213-67010

This part is the rubber gasket for the rocker cover, AKA tappet cover.

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Product no.: 88440-60040

Pulley Idler. Air Conditioner. Landcruiser. 1HZ 4.2Lt Diesel. Suits HZJ70/73 1/1990-7/1991, HZJ75/78/79 1/1990-12/2006, HDJ/HZJ80 1/1990-12/1997, HZJ105 1/1998-7/2007.

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Product no.: 90341-12012

Engine Sump Drain Plug for Toyota Landcruiser Hilux Prado 1984 on 90341-12012 FJ62, FJ80, FZJ80, HDJ80, HZJ80, FZJ105, HZJ105, HDJ100, UZJ100, VDJ200, UZJ200, URJ202, FJ70, FJ73, FJ75, FZJ70, FZJ73, FZJ75, FZJ78, FZJ79, HZJ70, HZJ73, HZJ75, HZJ78, HZJ79, HDJ78, HDJ79, PZJ70, PZJ73, VDJ76, VDJ78, VDJ79, VZJ95, RZJ95, KZJ95, RZJ120, GRJ120, KZJ120, KDJ120, GRJ150, KDJ150, KDJ155, GDJ150, YN60, YN63, YN130, LN130, RN130, VZN130, GUN156, YN55, YN56, YN57, YN58, YN65, YN67, YN85, RN85, RN90, RN105, RN106, RN110, LN85, LN86, LN106, LN107, LN111, LN147, LN152, LN167, LN172, RZN147, RZN149, RZN154, RZN169, RZN174, VZN167, VZN172, KZN165, TGN16, KUN16, GGN15, KUN26, GGN25, GGN120, GGN125, GUN122, GUN123, GUN125, GUN126, GUN136, TGN121

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Product no.: 9091530002K

4 x Oil Filter Kit Toyota LandcruiserHilux and PradoThis is a kit of 4 genuine Toyota oil filters and sump plug washers

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Product no.: COOLKIT5L

Hose And Belt Kit for Toyota Hilux 5L and 5LE Engines. Models include LN167 LN172 ( 09 / 2000 - 01 / 2005 )

Delivery weight: 1.4 kg

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