79 Series Landcruiser Child Restraint Fitting

79 Series Landcruiser Child Restraint Fitting

Do you need Landcruiser 79 series child restraint anchor points?




Our workshop team can supply and fit the Dual Cab Child Restraint Anchor Bracket kit from Multidrive Technology.


MDT offers fully certified child restraint anchor kits featuring three restraint points on a powder-coated steel bracket.


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Can you fit a child seat in the back of a Landcruiser 79 Series?


The V8 diesel-powered Toyota 70 series LandCruiser is a popular model amongst four-wheel drivers, tradies and the camper trailer pulling crowd.


Its raw simplicity and connection to Toyota's early models is a drawcard for many, as well as its hard-working performance. Many also fall in love with that recognisable exhaust note!


The 70 series single cab ute and troop carrier models were joined by a 4 door wagon and dual cab ute in the mid-2000s.


Both of these newer models offer seating for up to 5 people.


Whilst the 70 series wagon offers child anchor points, the dual-cab ute does not. 


Despite its five-seat capacity, you might be surprised to know that you can't fit a child seat in the back of a Toyota LandCruiser 79 Double Cab not even the top spec 79 Series GXL variant includes OEM child restraint points.



How to install Child Restraint Anchor Points in a 79 Series Landcruiser (VDJ79)


Fortunately, if you are looking to fit child seats, booster seat or baby capsules to your 70 series dual cab ute's rear seat, anchor points can be fitted.


Our team at Kotara can supply and fit the Dual Cab Child Restraint Anchor Bracket kit from Multidrive Technology.


The MDT child restraint kit is a fully ADR compliant and tested solution. It is installed to the rear support pillar of the dual cab LandCruiser.


Once installed, it provides three secure points of attachment for certified child seating products.


These kits we install do not require an external engineer's certificate.


The Multidrive Technology (MDT) bracket has been independently verified by a 3rd party engineer who tested both the LandCruiser's OEM rear seat as well as the child restraint anchor bracket. 


As a consequence, the product is certified to ADR 34/03 demands. MDT states that post-fitment engineering certification may be needed in some states, but this made it easy thanks to the supplied test-data report extract.





Australian Standards for Child Car Seating


All child car seats sold and used in Australia must meet Australian standard AS/NZS1754 by law.


If using seat belt extenders, covers, padding or accessories with your child seat, make sure they meet Australian standard AS/NZS8005.



We can help




Our team can help you with your child restraint anchor point fitments, as well as installing child seats and capsules.


We are an authorised child restraint fitting centre conveniently located just 20 minutes away from the Newcastle CBD in Kotara.


Bookings for installation of this anchor point kit for the 70 series Toyota LandCruiser are essential.


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