Exhaust Systems – Should you consider upgrading...

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Exhaust Systems – Should you consider upgrading your exhausts?

Exhaust Systems – Should you consider upgrading your exhausts?



Performance Stainless Steel Exhausts from Legendex






These offroad performance exhausts are simple bolt-on systems designed to be fitted by a DIY enthusiast without the need for a vehicle hoist. Legendex exhaust range serves as a direct replacement for factory exhausts of many current model 4 wheel drive vehicles. Check if your vehicle is in this list:


Power & Economy



The biggest benefit to most 4x4 exhaust system upgrades is the increase in power. 


Legendex guarantees a minimum of 10% power gain (not including DPF equipped vehicles) simply by replacing the standard vehicle exhaust with one of their performance exhausts system. 


With increased power, an increase in fuel economy is often noticed as the engine is not working as hard to produce the same output 





Breaths better



Due to both the increase in size (most Legendex systems are 3 inch) and the use of mandrel bends (rather than crush bends) to form the shape, flow is increased significantly.


This can have an especially large impact for turbocharged engines as they tend to benefit from reduced backpressure after the turbo, allowing them to spool up quicker and bring power on earlier.


All Legendex catalytic converters are high flow of 200 cells. Due to the high surface area inside these cat converters, the drop in power when compared to the same system fitted without a cat is less than 2%.


For durability, all Legendex catalytic converters, including the heat shield, are constructed from grade stainless steel.




Sound and Look


Understanding that a noisy exhaust is not everyone's cup of tea, and can draw unwanted attention, high performance Legendex exhausts provide a subdued but noticeable rumble at idle that is only a few decibels louder when compared to factory systems.


Once the RPM’s increase the sound of the exhaust provides a pleasant note that is not harsh and will not drone while towing.


For those seeking a full roar from their vehicle, the Legendex Berserker pipe is what you need for those offroad situations. A replacement for the muffler, the straight through Berserker pipe is an easy swap when you get offroad.


Requiring only a few minutes on the side of the track to unbolt the flanges and one or two hangers, the Berserker pipe will have you roaring down the track in no time.


Legendex 4wd exhausts are designed as a direct replacement for factory installed systems and as such the tailpipe is designed to finish in the original position, albeit with a larger diameter if you look!



Hear the Legendex rumble






Construction and Materials



As previously mentioned Legendex offroad exhausts are mandrel bent, not press bent which tends to crush the pipe as the radius is being formed. Mandrel bends provide a much more smoothly flowing turn as the pipe is not deformed at the bend.


Adding to their high-quality manufacturing process, Legendex exhausts are constructed exclusively from 409-grade stainless steel. This includes all bracketry and internal performance muffler components.








Most factory installed exhausts are made from mild steel which while cheaper to produce does not provide for long service life. Aluminised steel would also offer a somewhat increased life but is no match for stainless steel which will generally last for the life of the vehicle.



Mufflers are polished stainless and glass wool packed – with the glass contained by stainless steel wool to prevent it being blown into the pipe and out the back of the vehicle. They will never need to be repacked! They are a straight through design (for max flow) with all internals again manufactured from stainless steel.










Exhaust hangers are made from either 5mm flat bar, or 12mm rod, both with a collar that wraps the pipe. These hangers have proved to be ultra-strong. 


Legendex have also developed a 270-degree gripper system for the flat bar hangers which helps absorb vibration.










Turbo dump pipes are ceramic coated and include pyro fittings (EGT) as standard. Rapidly transferring the exhaust gasses out of the engine bay reduces engine operating temp and provides a cooler air intake which in turn allows more power to be produced.


Ceramic coating also reduces extreme heat cycling extending the durability of the dump pipe. Ceramic coating reduces the exterior temp by 110-120 degrees.










10 Year offroad limited warranty is available from Legendex – something no other exhaust manufacturer offers. Initial product purchase includes 5yr warranty but once the warranty information has been registered with Legendex you will receive an additional 5yrs at no cost.


This warranty covers the catalytic converter and can be transferred with the sale of the vehicle. Ceramic coating on the dump pipe carries a 2-year warranty.


Contact us for full warranty/guarantee terms and conditions.







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How much for a my18 prado gxl
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RE: Exhaust Systems – Should I Consider Upgrading My Exhaust?
This is what we have in stock for latest Prado models: https://www.allfourx4.com.au/epages/shop.sf/en_AU/?ObjectPath=/Shops/allfourx4/Products/SETPRA-5-LEXM
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RE: Exhaust Systems – Should I Consider Upgrading My Exhaust?
Great news if you drive JAP CRAP what if you drive a POM BOMB like i do a v8 series 1 L/ rover
Why do exhaust manufactures (DIY) never supply systems for the pommy group ???????????
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