New Product: Modified 5th Gear Set for VDJ 76 7...

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New Product: Modified 5th Gear Set for VDJ 76 78 79 Landcruiser

New Product: Modified 5th Gear Set for VDJ 76 78 79 Landcruiser


Finally - a solution for the over revving 4.5L V8 turbo diesel engine fitted to VDJ 70 Series Landcruisers!


5th Gear and Countershaft


For those of you who have the pleasure of owning one of these beasts, driving down the highway can be an unpleasant experience

Listening to the engine screaming (well screaming for a diesel...) revving at around 2500rpm just to keep up with highway traffic

This can cause loud engine noise, high fluid temperatures, poor fuel economy and excessive engine wear

Combined these issues can significantly decrease engine life especially for those vehicles spending a lot of time at highway speeds




We now have listed in our store a modified countershaft / layshaft and 5th gear set for Toyota Landcruiser HDJ and VDJ 70 Series vehicles manufactured up to November 2016

This countershaft and gear combination has been designed in Australia by Terrain Tamer

The parts are manufactured in Japan by an original equipment manufacturer - just like Toyota!


5th gear and countershaft 2

This gearset has a taller ratio 5th gear which provides an approximate 20 percent reduction in RPM

It brings the original ratio of 0.881:1 down to 0.736:1

Both the countershaft and the 5th gear are constructed from 62 strength Rockwell hardened steel

Designed as direct replacement for part numbers 33421-60121 and 33036-60010

Our part number 33421-MOD79K


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Heres a review by 4WD celebrity MadMatt:





Heres a time lapse of the gearbox strip down and install of this modified countershaft and 5th gear in our workshop:









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