Product Review: Ironman Foam Cell Pro Suspension

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Product Review: Ironman Foam Cell Pro Suspension

Product Review: Ironman Foam Cell Pro Suspension


Ironman 4x4 boasts a great range of suspension options for your vehicle’s next upgrade. Generally speaking, a suspension upgrade can greatly enhance the off – road capability of your vehicle, while increasing on – road stability and weight carrying limits. To know more about general lifts, click here


To start off, Ironman 4x4 offers three variations of shock absorbers for most vehicle brands and models. On sale now, are the NitroGas, FoamCell and FoamCell Pro variations of shock absorbers. This article will specifically discuss the newest offering from Ironman 4x4, the Foam Cell Pro!


Technical Details

diagramThe suspension offers a market leading 45mm bore, coupled with a 20mm diameter shaft. The large size of the bore enables greater heat distribution which enhances the performance of the shock absorber during high temperatures and extreme conditions. The overall diameter of the shock absorber, including the inner and outer tube, comes up to around 65mm. This results in a robust looking, high performance shock absorber, incorporating its very own protection plates!



Twin Tube Design

All Ironman 4x4 suspensions are built with a twin tube design. The outer tube, which is 3mm thick, acts like a protection shield for the inner tube, which actually carries the vital components. This ensures protection against debris and rocks which may be flicked over at the shock absorbers while off the road.


Foam Cell

strongThe foam cell technology used in this shock absorber, is what sets it apart from many of its competitors. The foam cell sleeve is intricately placed in the reserve chamber of the shock absorber and has many small gas pockets in it.  When the oil is displaced from the pressure tube, it is forced into the reserve chamber, which also has the foam cell in it. Upon contact, the foam cell unit enables the oil to be distributed over the full length of the shock absorber, enabling greater heat dispersion. This results in you being able to achieve higher performance from the shock absorber, even in extreme conditions.


How much lift can I get on my vehicle?vehicle

The amount of lift that a vehicle may achieve by using these suspension kits depends on what sort of suspension set up your vehicle runs. Vehicles running a leaf spring set up, can be expected to attain a lift of 50mm, above the new vehicle height. Those vehicles running a coil spring set up, can expect to get a height raise of 40-50mm, above the new vehicle height. Vehicles running independent suspension set ups, get a smaller raise in height of 25-50mm, over the new vehicle height. This happens due to the vehicle suspension geometry restrictions that come with this set up.



  • Great handling on the road
  • Much higher level of performance off the road, even in extreme conditions!
  • Higher rate of heat dispersion
  • Perfect for long distance touring use or hard core off-road driving!


  • Paint on the outer tubes is the first to get damaged and can result in surface rust, if not taken care of!
  • The wider bore of the shock absorber may cause interferance with the movement of control arms, depending on vehicle. To find out the compatibility of your vehicle with the Foam Cell Pro shock absorber, contact us or come in store


To find out more about our range of Ironman products click here


- Sujay Vasist, - All Four x 4 Spares Researcher & Content Writer


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