Protecting your 4x4

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Protecting your 4x4

Protecting your 4x4

Front, Rear and Underneath


Off-road driving, when done correctly, can prove to be a lot of fun for us lot! While it is all fun and games, all efforts must be made to protect our vehicles, which we call our pride and joy! Following are a few pieces of off-road gear which will help you properly safeguard your 4X4s for the harsh outdoors.

Front Bull Bars

P1Front bull bars have proven to provide enormous gains when it comes to frontal protection for your vehicle. These bars, when installed, give your vehicle a much more solid front end. In addition to providing protection, these bars also provide your vehicle with additional benefits:

Better Approach Angle: Since the lowest point of these metal bull bars is much higher than the factory bumpers, the approach angle of your vehicle is increased. This means, your vehicle will be able to take on higher gradients without digging into the terrain. Even if the bar does hit the terrain below, it will be rigid enough to take the impact without any real damage (depending on the speed at which it hits the ground below).

Winch Mounts: Various companies, like Ironman 4x4, offer bull bars which have inbuilt mounts for winches. Even if you currently don’t have a winch, you should opt for the installation of a winch compatible front metal bumper. This will ensure, that when you are ready to install a winch, you do not have to go through the hassle of replacing your front bar all over again.  

Other Accessories: These metal bars also give you a place to mount other accessories like driving lights, UHF antennas and brush bars.

Please note: If your vehicle comes with air bags, you must install an airbag compatible bull bar to maintain the roadworthiness of your vehicle.

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Rock Sliders

P2Like the name suggests, these bad boys are installed along the sides of your vehicle and provide protection from any impact from the below and the sides mainly from rocks and boulders. These prove to be most beneficial when navigating tight tracks and you have to slide against a rock or a tree without the fear of damaging the sills. Instead of putting the weight of your vehicle on the body, these sliders take up the weight thus protecting your vehicle due to their rugged design and manufacture. Since they are fitted directly to the chassis of your vehicle, they are much stronger than the body of the vehicle. While providing a lot of protection, these sliders also double up as side steps for your vehicle, making it easier to get in and out of the vehicle.

Steel Rear Bars

P3Like the front metal bull bars, these rear bars also provide your vehicle with increased protection. These are functional, both, on-road and off-road. Along with providing your vehicle with strong rear end protection, these can also be used as mounts for various other accessories:

Spare Tyre Mounts: Depending on the kind of rear bar you have opted for, you are able to select different accessories that you may require on it. Spare tyre swing arms are designed keeping in mind the extra weight of larger diameter tyres. Kaymar for example offers rear bars for various vehicles with many optional extras!

Jerry Cans: If you are someone who likes travelling to remote regions of Australia (which are not difficult to find!), this option should be a major consideration. Having a rear metal bar, you will have the freedom to mount jerry cans to carry extra fuel or water when you are kilometres from any township.

Other Accessories: Various other accessories can also be mounted on these rear bars, like, rear facing reversing lights, high lift jacks etc.

Underbody Protection

P4Last, but not the least! Underbody protection is an almost necessary item on your to do list if you wish to head off the road. These metal sheets, normally with a thickness of 2-4mm, provide protection to the sensitive components of your vehicle. Things like transfer case, gearbox and radiators are almost completely exposed under your vehicle. Thus, it is extremely important to invest in a good quality bash plate to ensure longevity of your vehicle, especially in remote areas.

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-          Sujay Vasist, - All Four x 4 Spares Researcher & Content Writer


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