Why your 4x4 needs a Long Range Fuel Tank

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Why your 4x4 needs a Long Range Fuel Tank

Why your 4x4 needs a Long Range Fuel Tank


Tossing up whether a big tank is a worthwhile investment? Here’s why it’s one of the best mods you can make to a 4WD.


It’s pretty simple, really. A long-range tank makes your 4X4 better. More fuel means your 4X4 can go further and longer, and long-range tanks are the best way of going about here. Here are five reasons why your 4WD needs a long-range tank.



Fitted tanks are cleaner than jerry cans



Jerry cans are cheap, but they definitely have their drawbacks. When you're decanting from drums, it’s hard to stay clean as fuel - diesel especially - attracts dust and dirt like it’s nobody’s business. It’s easier to simply fill long-range tanks at the bowser, just like you would a normal tank. Transfering fuel into and out of jerrycans can also be messy - once some spills on you, it’s impossible to get rid of the smell.

When they’re out in the elements, fuel stored in jerry cans will always be dirtier than fuel kept in proper tanks, especially when you’re out in the bush. There is just much more opportunity for water and dirt contamination. And as we all know already, a steady diet of bad fuel will lead to big and expensive engine repairs.



Retake your storage space!



You have to think about where you’re going to store your jerry cans, When you’re going long distances. Fuel inside the cab of a wagon is a no-no, and fuel storage on the roof isn’t great for a few reasons: your centre of gravity is buggered, and the tanks are difficult to access.

Long-range tanks are a true fit-and-forget modification: they take up otherwise wasted space under the body and are smartly designed to not impact on off-road ability or other mechanical parts. This also means your roof rack, ute tray or wagon storage area just got a whole lot emptier.






You can buy fuel when it’s cheap




It’s a well-known fact that fuel prices go through regular cycles of high and low prices. Service stations and fuel companies jack up the prices before weekends and holidays because they know you’re all going to be filling up the tank. And some of the more popular servos are way more expensive than others. But if you’ve got more fuel capacity under your belt, you can shift the advantage onto your side by stocking up when and where fuel is cheap, and not getting caught out when prices are high. Not many 4WD accessories help you save cash.




Aftermarket tanks are stronger



Your new tank is stronger, thanks to its construction and mounting. 2mm Aluminised steel is much, much tougher than composite and plastic; you won’t be needing a skid plate or guard to protect the tank anymore. Quality aftermarket tanks have an easily accessible drain bung, which means you don’t have to drop the tank to drop its contents. You can often choose between replacement and/or auxiliary tanks, depending on your budget and needs, which means the perfect solution for your needs is easily attainable. Here at All Four x 4 Offroad we can supply 100+ long range fuel tanks from the most popular long range fuel tanks manufacturer brands. Find one for your vehicle here!





Go farther! Go Longer!


Like, duh. More often than not, factory fuel tanks are good enough for just punting around town during the week. If you’ve got a big rural commute, or you’re planning a big trip or holiday, that small tank will quickly get on your nerves. Instead of constantly checking your gauge with range anxiety, a long-range tank gives you a much more comfortable range between re-fills.

If you’ve got a full load onboard or are towing, then your fuel range will naturally be reduced. And if you’re doing some serious off-road trips like the Simpson Desert or the mighty Canning Stock Route, then extra fuel is absolutely essential. 

And the best way to store it is in a long-range tank. 



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