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Coronavirus - Covid19. Lets drive through this bumpy ride together!

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(Updated to 25/03/2020)



It is all systems go here at All Four x 4 Spares.

Our showroom is still open, as is our workshop and dismantling facility. If you are unable to come to our store we have lots of options to freight parts to you. 

You can be assured we have plenty of stock on our shelves and our freight partners are business as usual.

Considering the current health situation, we have put in place the following measures for the safety and protection of our customers, our staff and our families:

Refer below for steps and tips to stop the spread of Covid-19.

Hand Sanitiser: We have placed multiple Hand Sanitiser dispensers throughout our shop and on our counters. We ask that you use the sanitiser when entering our showroom. 

Hand Shaking: We all like a good handshake as a gesture of appreciation for good service/advice, however, during this time we instructed our staff to abstain in the best interests of good mutual health. 

Personal space (Social distancing): To ensure we are doing all we can to stop the spread of Covid-19 we have increased the area of the distance between our customers and our counter staff.  

If you are feeling sick, feverish, coughing, sneezing or other flu like symptoms we would kindly appreciate you informing us prior to coming in-store. 

Some preventative measure we have put in place include:


When visiting us at Kotara, you will be greeted a stop sign asking you to ensure you are well  before entering our showroom




We have placed tables with hand sanitiser between our customers and our counter to assist with social distancing. For customers picking up orders in our showroom, our preference is Eftpos



We have added hand sanitiser and hand cleaning advice to all toilet doors




We have added hand sanitiser to each hoist and each work station




So we can ensure we are here when you need us we have a large number of our sales team working from home, answering calls via a VoIP system



Non-urgent meetings and supplier visits have been postponed



All of our key suppliers, in Australia and overseas, have confirmed they have plenty of stock for the long term


We look forward to continuing to be of assistance and get through the current situation together.


All Four x 4 Spares

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The NEW 2020 Land Rover Defender 90 & 110 presented by Richard Hammond

Read entire post: The NEW 2020 Land Rover Defender 90 & 110 presented by Richard Hammond


After much anticipation, the new 2020 Land Rover Defender is finally here!


Richard Hammond found a spanking new 90 and 110 in the middle of the woods somewhere and it looks like he approves of the redesign of the British off-roading icon.

Watch as he takes you through all the main features of the 2020 Defender!




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Terrain Tamer Parabolic Leaf Springs

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Terrain Tamer Parabolic Springs suitable for Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series and Toyota Hilux, an All Four x 4 Spares comprehensive review




What are parabolic leaf springs?


Terrain Tamer has recently introduced new parabolic leaf springs for the popular Toyota LandCruiser 70 Series and Toyota Hilux and we thought to put together different resources from Terrain Tamer itself as well as independent reviewers in order to describe what they are and how they work.




Allan Gray from Terrain Tamer wrote a great article about Parabolic Springs on the Automotive Technician Magazine.




Allan Gray's definition of parabolics is: a suspension system used many years ago when vehicles were produced using one, two or three tapered leaves instead of multipacks.


The idea was successful but appeared to go out of fashion when coil springs started being fitted to the form of family cars and light trucks. However, while parabolic tended to disappear from the light truck scene, they continued to be chosen for heavy-duty track applications.


Now Terrain Tamer has released a new design in parabolic leaf springs, bringing the technology back to the Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series.


The new springs are thicker in the centre and taper towards the ends in a true parabolic form, and each leaf is designed to act as a spring in itself. The standard spring is supplied with three leaves - two main leaves that operate when unloaded and a lower leaf that contacts the upper leaves through a pressure pad when a full load is being carried. It's proof of what happens when modern technology is applied to a well-proven idea.


Parabolics are now fitted standard to many vehicles, both light and heavy-duty, for a smoother quieter ride, lower unsprung weight and greater flexibility. During Terrain Tamer testing, they placed cameras on the undercarriage area to check articulation, chassis clearance and brake and acceleration characteristics.


It soon became evident that owing to the increased flexibility of the parabolics, any excessive load on the driveline resulted in the differential housing deflecting with the springs, reducing the shock loading on the crown wheel and pinion.


This situation is particularly advantageous in four-wheel driving situations, where rapid forward and reverse gear selection is often used to extricate a vehicle from an embarrassing mud-hole incident. As with all Terrain Tamer products, these springs have been tested in the rugged situation of the Australian outback.


Greater flexibility, quieter operation, up to 500Kg capacity and improved driver comfort, it's a win-win situation and once you fit them, you will wonder how you ever did without them. 


Terrain Tamer's Parabolic Springs are suitable for these Toyota Vehicles:





Parabolic Springs in real life









Parabolic Springs independent review? check this great review down here




Check our Terrain Tamer Rear Parabolic Leaf Spring online listings here for prices and specs




Do you have any questions? Post a comment down below or give us a call to speak to one of our suspension specialists!


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Which Oil Catch Can is best for your Engine? Find out in this great guide

Read entire post: Which Oil Catch Can is best for your Engine? Find out in this great guide


Unsealed4x4 has recently released an excellent Oil Catch Can comparison guide by testing in a University Laboratory a variety of catch cans commonly used on 4X4s. The volumetric flow rate of the air, the % Efficiency in catching the oil particles and the pressure drop were some of the parameters studied to measure their effectiveness.


We are pleased to share this guide since we proudly stock the WINNER OIL CATCH CAN, but we don't want to break your suspense and discover the winner before reading this guide so click below to open this great PDF guide that you can also save on your device and keep for future references. You will also learn: WHAT IS AN OIL CATCH CAN, WHY WOULD YOU WANT ONE?, HOW THEY WORK, HOW TO CHOOSE (SIZING), WHAT MAKES A GREAT CATCH CAN. OPEN THE GUIDE HERE AND ENJOY THE READ!




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1KD-FTV Injectors, tips that may help save your engine

Read entire post: 1KD-FTV Injectors, tips that may help save your engine


What's in this blog post has been experienced first hand quite a few times from our guys in the workshop so we thought to do our bit to inform people to act promptly and save their vehicles.  


Prado & Hilux 1kd-ftv engine (up to 2007) d4d common rail diesel owners: this one is for you. Please pay close attention to this read.





This is about the infamous injector copper washers (or seals). Unfortunately and eventually they will likely all leak.



1KD-FTV Injectors, tips that may help save your engine



During compression, the heat eventually melts out the rubber o-ring which is up a little above the copper washer. And above the o-ring, there is an oil channel. The oil that comes down from the injector port gets carbonised into tiny pieces that will end up floating in the oil system and then in the oil sump.


Then when the engine is looking for oil, it will find and suck these tiny particles. Result? Your oil pickup will eventually get blocked.






When that happens, you will get lubrication problems and oil starvation and the very first victim will be the bottom end bearings. Your vehicle will start running crap, the oil light will come on and voila, if you are in the middle of the road, you'll need to be towed away. Plus say goodbye to those Bali holidays savings because you'll be up for a new engine and turbo $$$$


This scenario will affect all those 2006 & 2007 vehicles that are still running around with the older generation of copper washers. From 2008, Toyota introduced and fitted revised coated washers.


If your vehicle is in that year bracket, we can only recommend finding an experienced diesel workshop with experience on 1kd-ftv engines. Some may try DYI but up to your knowledge and confidence to get it right.


Have the injectors and washers checked and replace them only with genuine Toyota or at least with a high-quality aftermarket brand such as this. There are a number of aftermarket brands offering brass washers but that caused controversy among experts due to the nature of brass, a hard material that can't flex and stay sealed.


The same goes with o-rings, any other seals, gaskets, fuel pipes, don't use cheap parts. If your injectors and washers are still the original from 2006, replace them asap. Newly revised copper washers should last every 120.000Km. And don't even think of reusing older washers.


Many common rail diesel owners are aware of this and are on top of it, but many more don't realise the amount of trouble they can get do your vehicle a favour and get those injectors checked!



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Drivetech 4x4 Supashock - High Performance 4x4 Suspension

Read entire post: Drivetech 4x4 Supashock - High Performance 4x4 Suspension







Drivetech 4x4 Supashocks

There is nothing else like it on the market!
Drivetech 4x4 Supashock dampers are designed, manufactured and assembled to stringent Automotive OEM and defence standards. The product has been developed to the highest level, providing unsurpassed durability and performance.
The dampers operate unlike any other product on the market and feature world leading technology that provides the owner with off-road capability not available anywhere else. Drivetech 4x4 Supashock Dampers are designed with automotive, mining and defence expertise, manufactured from aerospace and defence grade materials and assembled and tested in a world class facility, all under one roof in Adelaide SA. It is truly a unique product.
Australian designed, tested, manufactured and assembled
Drivetech 4x4 Supashock dampers are designed, tested, manufactured and assembled at Supashock’s world class manufacturing and test facility in Adelaide, South Australia by a highly experienced engineering team. With a focus on delivering optimal ride quality and performance, the dampers were developed using the best of proven Supashock technologies from racing, mining, military and performance vehicles.
The Drivetech 4x4 Supashock suspension lift kits combine the expertise and experience of Supashock and Drivetech 4x4 in the development and production of vehicle specific kits. 
Drivetech 4x4 Supashock Inverted Strut Technology
Drivetech 4x4 Supashock’s Inverted Strut Technology, developed in motorsport and mining applications, provides each damper with superior strength and durability. Its strong, durable and rigid construction means that the Drivetech 4x4 Supashock is able to generate a huge amount of force without buckling or bending.
The 64mm diameter main shaft is constructed using high quality aerospace grade alloy. The main shaft and outer casing provide incredible resistance to bending and buckling when carrying heavy loads and during large impacts. The system also incorporates a redundant sealing system which acts as a second seal preventing the main seal from being damaged by rocks, mud, water or other corruptive ingress material. It also eliminates hydraulic fluid loss and maximising service life.
Drivetech 4x4 Supashock High Displacement Pneumatic Bump and Ride Control
Supashock’s High Displacement Pneumatic Bump and Ride Control system provides additional load bearing capacity, reduces harshness and acts as a pneumatic bump stop. The system, developed for mining vehicles to minimise operator injuries, uses an innovative design to build pneumatic pressure where is it needed and soften the harshness generated by road inputs.
During high wheel articulation events, the system also acts as a pneumatic bump stop, providing a cushioning effect on hard landings and regulating the stress transferred into other components on the chassis, extending their service life.
Drivetech 4x4 Supashock Input Response Technology
The most significant performance characteristic of the damper is Drivetech 4x4 Supashock’s Input Response technology. This technology gives each damper ultra-fast reaction times as soon as the shaft starts to move. As the wheel goes over a bump, the damper responds instantly, controlling the motion. Similarly, when turning, the reaction of the tyre on the road surface is transmitted to the steering wheel with minimal lag, providing extremely precise handling.
The overall benefit of this technology is that the valving on a Drivetech 4x4 Supashock damper can be a lot softer than other products to provide a comparable level of vehicle control, because the damper is able to control wheel and chassis motion faster. Softer valving reduces harshness and stress on the chassis and the internal components of the damper, increasing their service life. 
Tuned Damping and Operating Window
Each Drivetech 4x4 Supashock suspension lift kit is tuned specifically to the application and the variety of road conditions it will be exposed to. The dampers have been designed and tuned so that they do not require external adjustment, providing a wide operating window and unrivalled performance on the market.
The key component is Supashock’s proprietary piston and valve assembly design. Developed in-house and currently used in top-level circuit racing, off-road racing and mining, these components provide linear oil flow and efficient flow control to maintain consistent damper performance in all conditions. The damper can cope with large and rapid shaft displacements while still being able to soak up smaller bumps without causing harshness. The high response of the damper transmits steering inputs to the tyre instantly and ensures the tyre has maximum contact with the road surface for traction, giving the driver confidence, razor-sharp handling and an extremely stable vehicle on sealed or unsealed roads.
Most high-performance products on the market utilise external adjusters to change the damping forces. This is needed because they have a narrow operating window. This is due primarily to the adjustment orifices generating additional flow restrictions and turbulence in the oil. This promotes cavitation (aeration) and thermal degradation (damper fade). The result is a vehicle that has inconsistent handling performance in varying conditions and has poor control of the wheels, causing them to lose contact with the ground more frequently. 
Supashock’s Patented Shell Reservoir System
Each damper features Supashock’s patented Shell Reservoir system which provides the performance benefits of a monotube damper packaged into the same space as twin tube damper, without the need for an external canister.
The Shell Reservoir system has a floating piston that separates the pressurised gas from the oil and allows for a larger oil volume than most remote canister dampers on the market, making it extremely thermally efficient. There is also no need for external brackets to be mounted for canisters or additional hardware.     
High-Performance Bushes
The bushes used in the dampers are manufactured using a specially designed material compound developed in Australia for mining vehicles. The material has extremely high resistance to cracking and hardening and can carry extremely large loads. The stiffness characteristics of the material have been tuned to maximise service life and minimise harshness. 
The dampers are manufactured from aerospace alloys and the highest quality hard chrome rods. Surface coating technology developed in mining and defence provides extremely hard and durable surfaces on every component, giving them the ultimate resistance to sand, mud, rocks and fluids. 
Adjustable Spring Pre-load & Stress Relieving Seat
All coil-over-type front struts have adjustable spring seats for ride height adjustment. The adjustment system features a stress-relieving seat that allows for easy adjustment and eliminates torsional spring stress during damper compression, providing consistent performance and extending the life of the spring. 
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Variety Bash Runs: Doing it for the Kids

Read entire post: Variety Bash Runs: Doing it for the Kids


Off-Road Adventures and helping kids? Yes, we can!


Whenever we hear of special events that link some of the things we care the most such as off-road adventures and charity events to help Aussie children in needs, we want to do our part...


Variety is a children charity organization that creates super fun themed events that help to raise funds for children not so lucky.


These events are organized all around Australia but this one will be happening near our doorsteps and we just think it's too super cool not to share:




The Variety Bash is a weeklong adventure with 300 new mates, exploring the dirt roads of NSW and the ACT. Along the way they visit some beautiful country towns, see parts of Australia most wouldn’t otherwise visit, and the best bit is supporting Aussie kids to get a fair go.


They visit schools along the way and donate much-needed items and equipment so we can see how our hard work and fundraising is making a difference.


Our Bashers spread joy everywhere they go and they encourage you to pick a theme to dress up yourself and your car. It’s a sight to see as we roll into towns with everything from Scooby Doo, Superheroes and Princess Leia travelling with us.


They have recently changed our car year entry to 30 years and older which will now allow plenty more makes to join us!


Check out the highlights from the 2017 Variety NSW Bash to give you an idea of the adventure you’ll be in for.




Check the full program here and at the bottom of the page, you will find instructions on How to Donate and become an Everyday Hero for these beautiful children in needs



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All Four x 4 Group proud sponsor of IAME (Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers)

Read entire post: All Four x 4 Group proud sponsor of IAME (Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers)


Some people may know us exclusively for our great range of quality new and used 4wd parts


however, maybe not everyone knows that All Four x 4 has been around for over 30 years building a strong reputation in the whole Australian Automotive Industry as a business that supports those institutions that are vital for the industry growth.




The Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers ("IAME") is one of these great organizations and was created in 1936 to create stronger relationships and resources across members in the Automotive Industry.



They provide a long list of services for their members: formal industry training, trade nights, information seminars, auditing & consulting services, and they publish the journal "The Automotive Engineer" full of great industry updates and tech advice.



All Four x 4 Spares was the proud Gold Sponsor for the 2018 Annual Dinner and Trade Show, aiming to support local businesses across the Hunter Newcastle Region focusing on the local motoring industry. A Special Guest Speaker for this great event was Kurt Sakzewski; General Manager of Operations Supercars Australia who filled the room on the latest details for this year’s Newcastle Supercar Championship round. 



iame_2018 Annual Dinner and Trade Show



Here is a fun time-lapse video of the evening captioning many of All Four x 4 Spares Men and Women behind the scenes including our legendary Peter Haylock, All Four x 4 Spare's Founder


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Exhaust Systems – Should you consider upgrading your exhausts?

Read entire post: Exhaust Systems – Should you consider upgrading your exhausts?



Performance Stainless Steel Exhausts from Legendex






These offroad performance exhausts are simple bolt-on systems designed to be fitted by a DIY enthusiast without the need for a vehicle hoist. Legendex exhaust range serves as a direct replacement for factory exhausts of many current model 4 wheel drive vehicles. Check if your vehicle is in this list:


Power & Economy



The biggest benefit to most 4x4 exhaust system upgrades is the increase in power. 


Legendex guarantees a minimum of 10% power gain (not including DPF equipped vehicles) simply by replacing the standard vehicle exhaust with one of their performance exhausts system. 


With increased power, an increase in fuel economy is often noticed as the engine is not working as hard to produce the same output 





Breaths better



Due to both the increase in size (most Legendex systems are 3 inch) and the use of mandrel bends (rather than crush bends) to form the shape, flow is increased significantly.


This can have an especially large impact for turbocharged engines as they tend to benefit from reduced backpressure after the turbo, allowing them to spool up quicker and bring power on earlier.


All Legendex catalytic converters are high flow of 200 cells. Due to the high surface area inside these cat converters, the drop in power when compared to the same system fitted without a cat is less than 2%.


For durability, all Legendex catalytic converters, including the heat shield, are constructed from grade stainless steel.




Sound and Look


Understanding that a noisy exhaust is not everyone's cup of tea, and can draw unwanted attention, high performance Legendex exhausts provide a subdued but noticeable rumble at idle that is only a few decibels louder when compared to factory systems.


Once the RPM’s increase the sound of the exhaust provides a pleasant note that is not harsh and will not drone while towing.


For those seeking a full roar from their vehicle, the Legendex Berserker pipe is what you need for those offroad situations. A replacement for the muffler, the straight through Berserker pipe is an easy swap when you get offroad.


Requiring only a few minutes on the side of the track to unbolt the flanges and one or two hangers, the Berserker pipe will have you roaring down the track in no time.


Legendex 4wd exhausts are designed as a direct replacement for factory installed systems and as such the tailpipe is designed to finish in the original position, albeit with a larger diameter if you look!



Hear the Legendex rumble






Construction and Materials



As previously mentioned Legendex offroad exhausts are mandrel bent, not press bent which tends to crush the pipe as the radius is being formed. Mandrel bends provide a much more smoothly flowing turn as the pipe is not deformed at the bend.


Adding to their high-quality manufacturing process, Legendex exhausts are constructed exclusively from 409-grade stainless steel. This includes all bracketry and internal performance muffler components.








Most factory installed exhausts are made from mild steel which while cheaper to produce does not provide for long service life. Aluminised steel would also offer a somewhat increased life but is no match for stainless steel which will generally last for the life of the vehicle.



Mufflers are polished stainless and glass wool packed – with the glass contained by stainless steel wool to prevent it being blown into the pipe and out the back of the vehicle. They will never need to be repacked! They are a straight through design (for max flow) with all internals again manufactured from stainless steel.










Exhaust hangers are made from either 5mm flat bar, or 12mm rod, both with a collar that wraps the pipe. These hangers have proved to be ultra-strong. 


Legendex have also developed a 270-degree gripper system for the flat bar hangers which helps absorb vibration.










Turbo dump pipes are ceramic coated and include pyro fittings (EGT) as standard. Rapidly transferring the exhaust gasses out of the engine bay reduces engine operating temp and provides a cooler air intake which in turn allows more power to be produced.


Ceramic coating also reduces extreme heat cycling extending the durability of the dump pipe. Ceramic coating reduces the exterior temp by 110-120 degrees.










10 Year offroad limited warranty is available from Legendex – something no other exhaust manufacturer offers. Initial product purchase includes 5yr warranty but once the warranty information has been registered with Legendex you will receive an additional 5yrs at no cost.


This warranty covers the catalytic converter and can be transferred with the sale of the vehicle. Ceramic coating on the dump pipe carries a 2-year warranty.


Contact us for full warranty/guarantee terms and conditions.







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Do you need a Throttle Controller in your 4WD?

Read entire post: Do you need a Throttle Controller in your 4WD?


This topic often creates different opinions among readers. Some drivers are actively advocating for them while others don't see much of a use. At the end of the day, each to their own, different drivers, different vehicles, different needs.


But let's start by clarifying what throttle controllers are and how they work.


We can define electronic throttle controllers as tech devices that sharpen (or soften) a vehicle's throttle response by modifying the voltage signal from the fly by wire pedal assembly. The driver can then tune the response from the accelerator pedal and eliminate or reduce throttle accelerator lag.


Accelerator lag is the experience when you put your foot down on the accelerator pedal and you get a poor or very slow response from the engine. This can range from frustrating while trying to sprint in an opening on a busy roundabout to dangerous when trying to overtake a caravan doing 90km/h in the middle lane of the highway while trying to avoid any "flying" work utes in the right-hand lane.


In addition, to increase throttle response, some controllers offer a decreased, mode which can offer fuel economy savings and more gentle control in tricky 4x4 situations.


Back in the days when nothing but the most basic electronics existed in cars, we were relying on conventional mechanical cables - attached to the accelerator pedal at one end and the throttle assembly at the other.




Using a petrol engine, for example, the throttle body assembly controls the amount of airflow into the engine via a butterfly valve, or plate, which opens or closes depending on the pedal position. As you pressed down on the accelerator pedal, the cable pulled the throttle open and voila! 


Nowadays on most modern vehicles, electronic sensors and actuator motors have replaced the cables. The sensor at the pedal tells the vehicle's ECU (computer) how far down the pedal has been pressed and in turn, the ECU sends a signal to the actuator to increase airflow to the engine.



The whole process is easily explained in this video

credits to Engineering Explained


The most popular and recent electronic controllers on the market plug straight into the wiring harness at the accelerator pedal in the blink of an eye.


Check this demo from iDrive


It's fair to say that these throttle controllers don't increase horsepower. They don't in any way control fuel mapping, air to fuel ratio or injection timing. They only change how the throttle responds by eliminating any delays in the throttle system.


Okay - but isn't it just easier to press the accelerator harder?

Not quite. In some vehicles when you put your foot down on the accelerator pedal, not much happens - or it happens slowly. This dead zone has lessened response so pressing hard with your foot won't get you far. This is often built into the ECU by vehicle manufacturers to offer better fuel economy and to smooth out acceleration.


The throttle controllers' job is to turn this dead zone into an action zone which opens the throttle earlier in the pedal stroke. This process cannot be done by pressing the pedal faster or harder.


At All Four x 4 Spares, we stock several market-leading throttle controllers from manufacturers iDriveLegendex Thrust MonkeySAAS S-Drive Throttle Controllers


All our customers who purchased these have all been quite satisfied, pointing out that their 4WD has quicker access to power and the fact they now enjoy a more sporty drive.


With the wide range of vehicle configurations the type of mapping required by the sensors can vary. Rather than a one-size-fits-all product, the controllers we sell are customised solutions taking into account vehicle make, model, engine and induction type (turbo or naturally aspirated). 


For those towing, throttle controllers can be quite useful when you drive off as they will get the vehicle up to speed more easily so you'll be using less fuel and less motor strain.


Then the good thing about some of these higher quality throttle controllers is that you can pick the settings based on your driving mode. For example, Legendex Thrust Monkey Throttle Controllers come with 21 different variations shown below:


OFF-ROAD MODE (7 sensitivity settings) ... Extra-sensitive control for low-traction surfaces and low-range rock-crawling. It doubles as the economy mode for long-distance cruising.
TOWING MODE (7 intensity settings) ... Instant response for decisive, safer overtaking and merging.
SPORTS MODE (7 intensity settings) ... High-performance response for grunt-on-demand. 




Other throttle controllers manufacturers such as iDrive while also offering different settings in Eco mode and Ultimate mode, they also provide an Automatic mode which changes the throttle performance based on the pressure the driver applies to the pedal


Check this review from 4x4 Garage Australia:



Hopefully, this article has cleared some doubts, and if you are considering installing them on your 4WD, check the great range we offer from our great suppliers: iDrive Throttle ControllersLegendex Thrust Monkey Throttle Controllers, Roadsafe SAAS S-Drive Throttle Controllers






iDRIVE Throttle Controllersshop-now-button2


Legendex Throttle Controllersshop-now-button2


SAAS S-Drive Throttle Controllersshop-now-button2


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