Dana 60 Rear Axle Differential for 70 Series La...

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Dana 60 Rear Axle Differential for 70 Series Landcruiser

Dana 60 Rear Axle Differential for 70 Series Landcruiser


Dana 60 Axles: Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series rear axles replacement solution for your 70 series


Our latest addition here at All Four x 4 Spares is one of those premium products that will dramatically increase offroad performance in a vehicle. This vehicle is not just any vehicle..when we are talking about the Toyota Landcruiser 70 Series 


We are very proud to bring on board:


Ultimate Dana 60                                                                                                                     

A Premium Offroad Rear Axle Full Floating solutiondana_logo and Land Cruiser Axle upgrade that improves:

  • Drive-ability
  • Higher axle load capacity
  • and increases durability



This Ultimate Dana 60 are the biggest, strongest Dana 60 offroad axles ever built, incorporating upgrades demanded by off-roaders



Check Dana 60's Video to learn more:





This Axle Kit is pretty cool since the original axle centre is offset with 95mm wider overall track


and while retaining the full-float design, the vehicle weight is carried by housing for greater load-carrying ability.


Previously vehicle users resorted to fitting illegal wheel spacers or had their original axle extensively modified by workshops to overcome the narrower rear track width. 


Dana is now able to provide a fully tested alternative backed by Dana’s extensive engineering team and supported with a 12 month / 30,000 Km warranty. 


An excellent example of ‘Aussie’ design, manufacturing expertise and capability”.


On top of the new axle include 95mm increased rear track correction width, some other major features are: increased lubrication capacity, higher axle load capacity, heavy-duty suspension bracketry, heavy-duty cover plate, plug and play E-Locker. The design cleverly allows retention of the original equipment brakes, hubs and wheels.  



Design inclusions:  

  • Retains the full-float design; vehicle weight is carried by housing for greater load-carrying ability 
  • Original axle centre offset with 95mm wider overall track – no wheel spacers required 
  • 30 spline larger diameter forged 1541 steel alloy axle shafts 
  • Selectable electronic locking differential – genuine Harrop Eaton E-Locker
  • Heavy duty 9¾” (248 mm) ring gear 
  • Massive 3½” (89.9mm) outside diameter 0.390″ (10mm) wall thickness axle tubes 
  • Heavy-duty suspension brackets – ready for your heavy-duty suspension upgrade 
  • Nodular iron diff cover 
  • Spicer 1350 Strap-style/Half-round end yoke 
  • Heavy duty Dana Spicer Australia drive shaft 
  • Designed to re-use the original vehicles brakes, ABS, wheel hubs and wheels



Spot the Difference

  TOYOTA Axle DANA 60 Diff for Landcruiser Difference

Axle Width

1460mm 1555mm +95mm

Tube Diameter

Welded 80mm DOM 88.9mm +8.9mm

Tube Thickness

6.3mm 10mm +3.7mm


Original Superior Alloy Stronger

Axle Shaft

Original Superior Alloy Stronger

Crown Wheel

OD 241mm OD 248mm +7mm

Oil Capacity

2.4L 3.25L +0.85L

Axle Weight

86Kg 105Kg +19Kg

Gross Axle Mass

3.318Kg 4.746Kg +1428Kg

Diff Lock

Optional TMC Locker Harrop Eaton E Locker Higher Capacity










How Dana 60 gets manufactured?




How's a Dana Landcruiser Diff feels Offroad?

Click here to watch this video

Credits and Special Thanks to 4X4australia.com.au




What do you get from Dana 60 Diff Rear Axle Kit?




Why Dana?


Off-Road applications in Australian conditions are among the most arduous in the world and require drivelines built to last where heat, load capacity and high performance are the norms.


With products that enhance the performance of a host of 4x4 models, the Dana Performance range includes products that include complete front and rear axle assemblies, drive shafts and gear sets, right down to the world’s best universal joints from Dana Spicer Axles.


Dana 60 has earned an enviable reputation for premium driveline components from more than a century of supply to manufacturing - stretching from heavy-duty on-highway trucks and some of the world’s largest off-highway vehicles, to passenger cars from every country – a reputation you can trust for your 4x4. 







Dana 60 Differential will also increase the GVM on your 70 Series


Would you need to increase the GVM? Check how much weight your 70 Series could be carrying:


weights screenshot



Then ASK yourself these questions: 


  • Does your vehicle carry one or more of the above?


  • If so, what capacity is my vehicle carrying and is it legal?


  • Are you adhering to vehicle and safety regulations?


  • Are you an Employer responsible for your company car fleet? 


  • If so, as you are the ultimate responsibility to provide a safe working environment for you and your employees, are you sure to operate your vehicles with weights beyond their current equipment limits for heavy and/or remote work?


  • And could these heavy loads be breaching Occupational Health and Safety Regulations?


  • Did you know that there is the possibility of litigation under common law if a vehicle is operated beyond its legal road limits? 


  • On top of the possibility of insurance companies voiding payout if the vehicle is loaded beyond the approval G.V.M. 


  • REMEMBER: a reputation can take years to build and only moments to destroy. Don't risk employee negligence or lawsuits



All Four x 4 Spares are proud Authorized Dealers and Fitters of Dana Products in Newcastle & Hunter Valley


So if you desire Superior Offroad Performance in your 70 Series, get the BEST Diff for Landcruiser in the market and give your 70 Series all of these:


  • Australian Design and Australian made

  • Increased Track width for off-road stability

  • Increased strength and durability

  • Increased axle load capacity and GVM

  • Harrop Eaton E-Locker for all-terrain traction

  • Increased oil capacity for longer duty cycle



dana 60 70 series photo




Dan 79_series


Or simply give us a call on 02 4041 4001 to learn more from one of our Differential Specialists   




We ship "Ultimate Dana 60" Australia Wide or you can visit us and view a 79 series landcruiser diff housing in our Kotara store in Newcastle. We also accept zipPay: Buy Now -  Pay Later -  No Interest





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