All Four x 4 Spares are proud distributors of Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tanks.

Brown Davis long-range fuel tanks have been engineered and designed to allow you to travel further with fewer fuel stops. They give maximum fuel capacity without impacting on ground clearance, ramp over or departure angle whilst being extremely robust to fight the most rigid of conditions. Brown Davis long-range tanks let you travel to the most remote parts of the world where the stock tank wouldn't take you.

All Four x 4 Spares stock the Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tanks and Underbody Protection Underguard Bash Plates suitable for the most popular 4WD makes and models. Check our full range here:

Construction type

Aluminised Steel Long Range Fuel Tanks

Brown Davis Aluminised Steel, long-range fuel tanks, are built from 2mm aluminium coated cold rolled steel to provide maximum strength and durability. This construction steel is adequately unsusceptible to impact damage that additional tank guards are unnecessary. The aluminium coating on the steel delivers the best of both worlds with the strength of steel and the anti-corrosion properties of aluminium.

Tank Types

The Brown Davis Long Range Fuel Tank range consists of 3 main types. These are designed to serve specific vehicles and the users' applications.

Replacement System

Replacement Long range tanks replace the vehicle's regular fuel tank with an increased fuel capacity. The tank is an easy bolt-in solution to increase your vehicle's driving range. The fuel capacity increase on the current model dual cab ute range is around 100%. Replacement fuel tanks minimise vehicle modifications using the standard fuel gauge, pump assembly and fill point for a straightforward installation. All Brown Davis fuel tanks come with a flush-mounted drain plug for easy draining in case of contaminated fuel. The tanks come with all parts and hardware supplied.

Transfer System

The transfer system pumps the fuel from the Brown Davis auxiliary fuel tank into the vehicle's standard fuel tank. Fuel will replenish your vehicle's standard tank with a simple switch, which is then given to the engine. An LED gauge is supplied to display the fuel level of the auxiliary fuel tank constantly. An automatic alarm will alert the driver to switch the pump system off when the auxiliary tank gets empty. This stops the pump from continually running, deterring fuel pump failure.

Independent System

The independent system is designed as a changeover system. The driver can independently feed the engine straight from the vehicle's main tank or the Brown Davis auxiliary tank via a button switch. This lets the driver empty either tank to evenly distribute weight across the car. (For instance, when emptying the rear tank first for towing)

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