Power Box has designed the PB-100 as the perfect 12V dual battery solution for mobile and active users who need maximum portability.

The PB-100 is the perfect platform to power a 12V fridge, electronic devices and small 12V equipment.
It's coupled with a Redarc 1225D charging platform along with a Powertech 100AH lithium battery offering over 1500 battery cycles and up to 50A continuous current draw.

Weighing only 17kg and measuring up at 199mm wide x 474mm deep x 324mm high, the PB-100 is designed to be completely portable. Whether you need to throw it in your mate's car or your boat for a day, the PB-100 is easy to move and get set up in a new vehicle.

We also stock Power Box's range of mounting trays and wiring harnesses which are designed to make it even easier to use the PB-100 wherever it's needed.

Features & Benefits

  • 100ah Powertech lithium battery.
  • Redarc 1225D – DC to DC charger with solar input.
  • Battery monitoring system.
  • 200amp main isolator.
  • Solar Input – 50 amp anderson plug.
  • Vehicle Input - 50 amp anderson plug.
  • 1 x 12v power supply - 50 amp anderson plug.
  • 2 x 12v socket outlet.
  • 4 x USB charging ports.
  • 4 x Fuse less resettable circuit protection.
  • Custom front switch fascia.
  • Anti slip SeaDek to top storage area.
  • Mounting tray compatible.
  • Charge cable kit compatible.

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