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Level Up Your Ute: We are now fitting Trojan Canopies and Trays in Newcastle and the Hunter Region!

Level Up Your Ute: We are now fitting Trojan Canopies and Trays in Newcastle and the Hunter Region!

Trojan Camping 4x4 is one of Australia's best Ute canopies and trays suppliers. It manufactures Heavy-duty Lift-off canopies and Dual-Cab Aluminum Trays, all backed up by a 5-year Structural warranty. Trojan Trays are also available for 2000mm Extra / space cabs as well as 1500 - 2500 US size trucks. 

Watch this video to learn about all the customizable options Trojan Canopies offer:

All Four x 4 Spares is the ultimate destination for premium Trojan Camping 4x4 trays and canopies:

Our state-of-the-art workshop is fully equipped to cater to all your 4x4 needs. Whether you're searching for durable aluminium ute canopies or robust aluminium ute trays in Newcastle, Maitland & Hunter region or Sydney and Central Coast, we have you covered.

We can fit Trojan custom ute trays & canopies designed to meet your specific requirements, providing extra versatility to your dual-cab ute trays for added convenience.

Our Trojan 4x4 Heavy-Duty Tray and Canopy selection features top-of-the-line custom ute canopies and ute trays in Newcastle and Sydney.

Trojan Ute Trays VS Ute Canopies VS Tray and Canopy Packages

Trojan Ute Trays

Trojan Ute Canopies

Trojan Tray & Canopy Packages

These are heavy-duty aluminium trays with convenient features already included, such as a full-length trundle drawer, side toolboxes, rear ladder rack, custom ute tray sides and LED taillights.


Trojan Camping recognizes that every ute owner has unique needs.

That's why they offer custom ute trays built to withstand the demands of everyday use, providing both durability and practicality for work and outdoor adventures.

These custom trays aren't a one-size-fits-all solution.

Trojan Camping offers a wide range of trays sizes: from 1600mm - 1800mm for Dual Cab to 2000mm Extra / Space Cab, or all the way to trays to suit 1500 - 2500 US size trucks. All of these long aluminium trays, ensure a perfect fit for different vehicle models and customer preferences.

Functionality is key, with lockable, waterproof, and dustproof side toolboxes keeping gear organized and protected.

Trojan takes aesthetics into account as well, offering powder-coated exteriors for long-lasting good looks and even the option to color-match toolbox doors.

Trojan ute aluminium canopies feature a unique one-fold system, guaranteeing strength and durability, thanks to their construction with lightweight high-grade aluminium frame.


Trojan Camping has introduced a revamped canopy design with the V2 model.

This lightweight canopy features a unistrut frame for modular interior layouts, allowing for easy customization to your needs.

Built with reinforced bases, marine-grade 5052 aluminium, and pinch seam rubber seals, the V2 canopy prioritizes both durability and weather resistance.

Offered in four sizes (1000mm, 1400mm, 1600mm, and 1800mm), these canopies can be paired with trays for additional storage space.

For optimal weight distribution, All Four x 4 Spares recommends a 1600mm long canopy or a combination of a 1600mm tray with a 1400mm canopy, creating a 200mm lip suitable for mounting rear accessories.

The internal layouts offer passenger-side features like a laser-cut wall with a fridge space, a large storage drawer with a side-out bench, and modular installation options.

The driver's side boasts a configuration with two drawers and full-width shelves above, alongside a dog box with a laser-cut door and a separate compartment.

Focusing on the highest quality functionality and security, the Trojan Heavy-Duty Tray and Canopy package ensures that your work tools and camping gear are kept safe during your adventures.


Trojan's tray and canopy packages cater to both work and play, offering secure storage for your tools and gear. These packages prioritize both durability and weight efficiency thanks to their commercial high-grade aluminium construction.

Built-in Functionality

Trays: Feature a sealed trundle drawer for valuables, side toolboxes for organization, an LED max lamp for improved visibility, mudflaps to keep the dirt at bay, and a laser-cut headboard panel for a finished look.

Customizable Canopies: Powder-coated for lasting good looks and weather resistance, the canopies securely bolt onto the tray for a seamless unit.

Whale tail compression locks ensure a tight seal, while two doors and four lift-off legs offer easy access and removal when needed.

Choose from three internal layouts:

1)Half-fit out: Features a laser-cut dividing wall with designated fridge space.

2)Full-fit out: Offers two side-by-side drawers with a full-width shelf above for maximized storage.

3)Dog box option: Replaces the half-fit out's driver-side storage with a dedicated dog box.


Build your dream custom ute!

Are you uncertain of the existing canopies options while typing ute canopy Newcastle or ute canopy Sydney? Build your dream custom ute rig instead!

Trojan Camping offers a comprehensive solution for dual-cab ute owners, including a user-friendly online tool for customizing your dream rig and getting an in-depth look at all of Trojan tray and canopy options.

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